Our Community

From its humble beginnings as a small railroad town, Minot, ND has grown to become a dynamic "micropolitan" community. Indeed, Minot earned national recognition for its selection as a 1992 All America City by the National Civic League. The Ward County seat and fourth largest community in North Dakota, Minot was founded in 1887 when the Great Northern Railroad made its way through the prairie.

Nicknamed the "magic city" because of its phenomenal growth during the early years of the 20th Century, Minot has become a regional powerhouse. As a major center for commerce, health care, finance, agribusiness, education, industry, transportation and recreation. Minot enjoys the finest in technology and quality services while maintaining its "small town" flair.

Minot serves as the central hub for north central and northwest North Dakota, as well as parts of Montana and the Canadian provinces of Manitoba and Saskatchewan. The city's transportation system sports three major highways, three railroads, bus service, major trucking firms, and a modern international airport.

Minoters pride themselves on their high standard of living, friendly people, clean environment, and small-town values.

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