Education Statistics & Schools

The Minot community prides itself on its ability to provide superior educational opportunities for students of all ages. With top quality public and private secondary and elementary schools, a major university, trade and vocational schools, adult education, and programs for the mentally and physically disabled, Minot serves as a regional center for learning.

Commitment to Education

Minot's commitment to education is evident in a number of important statistics. The following are some examples of the positive educational atmosphere in Minot:

  • The public and private high school graduation rates are 90% and 100% respectively, far superior to the national graduation rate of 71%.
  • The average daily attendance rates are 98% for both the public and private high schools.
  • Between 70% and 85% of high school students who graduate from Minot public schools go on to continue their formal education. Ninety percent of those who graduate from the private Bishop Ryan High School go on to continue their formal training.

The Minot schools offer a broad academic base with special emphasis on computer technology. There is one computer for every two students in the Minot schools.

Minot Public Schools

"Empower all learners to succeed in a changing world"

The mission of the Minot Public School District is to provide effective teaching and responsive learning which empower students to acquire the concepts, knowledge, attitudes and skills necessary to become healthy, happy, and productive citizens.

"Character Counts!" is a local, grass roots effort of concerned citizens in Minot and many communities nationwide which embrace the Six Pillars of Character as the basis for understanding and evaluating all ethical behavior. The overriding mission of "Character Counts!" is to strengthen the character of America's youth. The Minot Public School Board has endorsed and is supporting this movement.

Minot Catholic Schools

"To provide an education in the spirit of Jesus Christ."

The Minot Catholic Schools (MCS) dedicates itself to providing to all of its students an outstanding education. The Minot Catholic Schools calls its students to pursue the wisdom of our culture and religious heritage, and to experience the human family's diversity and interdependence. To accomplish these objectives, the Minot Catholic Schools provides to its students ongoing opportunities to cultivate their moral intellectual and physical well-being.

Minot State University

Minot State University, the third largest in North Dakota, offers about 50 undergraduate and 13 master level degrees, plus a number of specialist and pre-professional programs. The University also serves as a regional provider of continuing education, business assistance and clinical services. MSU also has a state of the art library.

Minot State University advances knowledge, critical and creative thinking, and the vitality of community and cultures.